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 We are Public Relations Officers and Bulletin Editors

This website is the resource for the Editors, Marketing and Public Relations Vice Presidents, Webmasters and Social Media People - communicators of any kind
of the Barbershop Harmony Society and related organizations.

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The January - March 2017 issue of the PROBEmoter is now available for your viewing,
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2016 PROBE Awards. . .
Who will it be?

It is time once again for all bulletin editors, Marketing & Public Relations VPs,
and Web Site administrators/Webmasters to get their information together
and submit their newsletters, marketing campaigns and web sites to the appropriate
contest administrators.

Deadline for newsletter/bulletin submissions is March 3, 2017.
You can find information HERE, and an entry form HERE.
Have questions? Contact Bulletin Editor VP Jerry Daiker.

Deadline for submitting your Marketing and Public Relations works
is April 1, 2017. Contact Marketing & Public Relations VP
Jordan Busboom for all the information.

Submissions for the Web Site contest (IWC) need to be in to administrator John Elving
by April 1, 2017. Information can be found HERE and the entry form HERE.
Again, if you have questions, contact Interim Webmaster John Elving.

This is the official Website
for the most influential subsidiary
of the Barbershop Harmony Society

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